How Many Endings are There in Elden Ring? (and how to get them!)

There are six known Elden Ring endings found at the moment. Find out how to achieve all of them in this article!

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Within the world of Elden Ring, there are thirty different quest lines the player can choose to complete. Some are necessary for the completion of the game, others are purely optional quests to understand more of the lore or to gain access to powerful items. With so many different quests to choose from, finding an ending that you will enjoy can become rather difficult, especially if you are not sure how some quest lines affect others. 

This article will break down all of the different endings that have been found as of yet totaling six different endings. Each ending requires the player to complete specific quest lines or to avoid other quests. If you’re looking to complete a specific ending, you have come to the right place! Without further ado, here are the six different endings to Elden Ring:

  • The Age of Fracture - The Elden Lord Ending
  • The Age of Order - Goldmask’s Ending
  • The Age of Duskborn - Fia’s Ending
  • The Age of Stars - Ranni’s Ending
  • Lord of the Frenzied Flame - Three Fingers Ending
  • Blessing of Despair - The Dung Eater’s Ending

The Age of Fracture - The Elden Lord Ending

Elden Ring Elden Lord Ending
The Age of Fracture is what most consider the default ending to Elden Ring. Simply beat the game as normal by listening to Melina to achieve this ending! Image courtesy of

The first ending on the list is the most likely ending for players that are just playing through the game normally. In terms of quests, this ending only requires that the player listen to Melina as she guides the tarnished throughout the story. By having Melina burn the Erdtree, defeating the final bosses, and mending the Elden Ring, the player will become the new Elden Lord and sit upon the throne. All of these actions are also required to just beat the game normally, hence this ending being dubbed the default ending. 

Despite being the default ending, a fair amount of characters you’ll meet along the way will end up dead. I’d like to think this is purposeful writing by FromSoft and George Martin as characters in their stories always tend to die a meaningful death (rip Eddard).  

The Age of Order - Goldmask’s Ending

Goldmask's ending in elden ring
The Age of Order is a more diplomatic ending to Elden Ring, although achieving this ending can be a bit confusing! Image courtesy of

A more civilized version of the Age of Fracture ending is the Age of Order ending, achieved through the Goldmask quest line. To start, players will need to meet Brother Corhyn in the Roundtable Hold (the guy who sells incantations). After talking with him, you’ll need to reach the Altus Plateau by just normally playing through the game. Once there, find Brother Corhyn on the North side of the main road of the Altus Plateau. He’ll go find Goldmask and the quests can actually begin.

After doing some back and forth conversations with those two characters, you’ll need to figure out a riddle from Corhyn. I won’t give full answers to the riddle, but it involves casting Law of Regression in front of the Radagon statue in Leyndell. Once you figure out the true character of the statue, return to Goldmask and tell him your findings. 

Once you’ve made it this far, you will need to defeat the Fire Giant and burn the Erdtree. After returning to Leyndell (in ashes), climb into the ruins by the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace. You’ll see a drop down location to the left that has Goldmask lying on the ground at the end of it. Pick up the Mending Rune of Perfect Order on him. All that is left to do now is beat the final boss and choose “Use Mending Rune of Perfect Order.” This will activate the The Age of Order ending, bringing about a supposedly more civilized world than before.

The Age of Duskborn - Fia’s Ending

age of dusk born ending
The Age of Duskborn ending is likely the grimmest of endings as you infuse death into the Elden Ring! Image courtesy of

If you enjoy being held by a cryptic witch lady in your free time, this is the perfect ending for you. The Age of Duskborn involves completing Fia’s quest line to bring about a more deadly world as Elden Lord. The quest line starts out at the Roundtable Hold as you are embraced by Fia (or not, you don’t have to at this point). Afterwards, progress normally to the Altus Plateau and receive the Weathered Dagger from Fia (back at the Roundtable Hold). Give this dagger to D, Hunter of the Dead and then kill two Shardbearer bosses.

After that, you’ll need to return to Fia in a new location called Deeproot Depths. The easiest way to get there is by resting in the coffin after defeating the Gargoyles. Once here, you’ll need to defeat Fia’s champions in a generally unfair three versus one fight. Afterwards, you will need to progress Ranni’s quest line to about half way through to be able to receive the Cursemark of Death at the Divine Tower of Limgrave. Returning this item to Fia allows players to fight Lichdragon Fortissax, a tough dragon boss with a massive health pool. Once defeated, you’ll be teleported back to a dead Fia and receive the rune needed for the ending. Simply activate the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince after defeating the final boss to achieve the Age of Duskborn ending! 

The Age of Stars - Ranni’s Ending

Ranni's Ending in Elden Ring
With the guidance of the coolest looking character in Elden Ring, players can achieve the Age of Stars ending by completing Ranni’s quest line! Image courtesy of

Ranni’s Ending was my first playthrough’s ending by complete accident. I simply liked the way the Moonlight Greatsword looked and did her quest line for the loot. I also did not realize that Ranni’s quest line is the most convoluted set of tasks in the entire game. Consequently, I will not be writing out all of the steps to the quest line in this article. If you want a detailed guide on this quest line, check out this article

Whenever you finish the quest line and beat the final boss, instead of picking a certain choice of ending, simply activate the blue summoning sign by the Elden Ring to bring about the age of Ranni. This ending puts Ranni into a godlike state in which she leaves behind The Lands Between to fend for itself unlike the Greater Will who often interfered with mortal affairs.

Lord of the Frenzied Flame - Three Fingers Ending

Three Fingers Ending in Elden Ring
For those who just want to watch the world burn (literally), look no further than the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending! Image courtesy of

Perhaps my favorite ending in all of Elden Ring, the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending results in a completely destroyed world following the burning of the Erdtree. While this may seem grim, the amount of suffering seen throughout the world during a playthrough can almost make one justify the action. It is also the easiest ‘secret’ ending to get out of all the endings on this list.

To get the ending, players will need to find the Three Fingers character underneath Leyndell. A simple google search will give you the exact location you need to go to. Once you find the Three Fingers, your character will be consumed by the Frenzied Flame (an Outer God). After that, simply beat the game as normal to be transported to a different area where Marika’s fractured body is. Simply click ‘Become the Lord of Frenzied Flame’ and enjoy arguably the coolest cutscene in the entire Elden Ring world. 

Blessing of Despair - The Dung Eater’s Ending

The Dung Eater's Ending in Elden Ring
Perhaps the worst of the endings, the Dung Eater ending is relatively easy to acquire but leaves the land in an abysmal state! Image courtesy of

The memeist of endings award goes to the Dung Eater ending: the Blessing of Despair. The method of achieving this ending is relatively simple, at least in comparison to some of the other endings. Players will need to acquire five Seedbed Curses and give them to the Dung Eater’s physical body. Once he receives five of the curses, he’ll drop a special Mending Rune that allows the player to activate the Dung Eater ending. As with most of the other endings, simply click the ‘Mending Rune’ prompt after defeating the final boss. This will activate the ending and leave the Lands Between covered in a dungy haze. The cutscene itself is somewhat vague as to what this means, but I like to assume that everything and everyone is now infected with the dung curse that he had. 

Elden Ring screen grab on Steam
With a game as beautiful and massive as Elden Ring, it deserves a carefully decided ending, so choose wisely! Image courtesy of

At the moment, these are the only known endings to Elden Ring. In the future, more may be discovered or these six may be the only ones available. Hopefully, one of these endings fit your story’s conclusion as to how you wanted it all to wrap up. There are more in-depth guides out there to each ending, but these descriptions should at least help you pick out which one you want to pursue!

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