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Esteemed Steam Games is your go to source for Steam game reviews and recommendations to fill out your Steam library. Play-tested and written by a daily Steam user, ESG's articles make it easy to find your next main game or to avoid a total waste of money!

Jarred Stoy

Jarred Stoy is a writer, wrestling fan, tech lover, and avid gamer hailing from central Pennsylvania. He is a Digital Narrative and Interactive Design major at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Hope Lampenfeld

Hope Lampenfeld is a writer, foodie, dancer, and shopaholic based in Pittsburgh, PA. You can connect with Hope on LinkedIn.

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Melissa Pallotti

Melissa is a writer from Pittsburgh, PA. She's our resident expert in cozy games, couch co-op, and 2D platforms (especially the old ones).

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Bridget Houlihan
Gabriella DeFilippo

Gabriella DeFilippo is an aspiring writer, tea enthusiast, and Marvel nerd based in Pittsburgh, PA. You can connect with Gabriella on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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"I love going to the cinema to check the latest movies. And I love to write. So I combine these two hobbies and present to you my recent cinema favorites!"

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