34 Fallout: New Vegas Mods You Need on Steam [Nexus - 2024]

Fix Glitches and Enhance Gameplay in What’s Widely Considered Best Game in the Fallout Franchise

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Despite several other Fallout titles’ status as some of the all-time classic games, you can’t talk about the franchise without talking about New Vegas. The near-perfect RPG comes in at the top of critic and fan rankings of the Fallout games alike – which goes to show you how wide the appeal of Obsidian Entertainment’s 2010 game really is.

But just because it gets Overwhelmingly Positive reviews doesn’t mean there’s no room for mods though. As the Republic grew, so did its needs. That’s why today we’re taking you through the best New Vegas mods we’ve ever downloaded, including:

  • Mods that fix New Vegas glitches and make the 2010 game run like new
  • Content expansions that bring new missions and characters into the mix
  • Retextures and ENB presets that upgrade the vanilla graphics

Never modded before? Be sure to check out Steam’s New Vegas modding guide before you get started.

And just a note – all of these mods can be found on Nexus for easy implementation 👍 But if you aren’t a Nexus kinda guy you’ll want to follow the mod guide and recs over on Viva New Vegas for sure.

1. NMCs Texture Pack for New Vegas

before and after of NMCs Texture Pack for New Vegas, one of the best New Vegas mods on Steam

🖌️ Textures | 👤 NMC | ⬇️ 14M downloads

Bring the graphics into the 2020s. This mod retextures your environment including roads, trees, buildings, vehicles, and more with high resolution graphics that stay true to the original feel of the game.

2. Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX)

weapon mods expanded rifle

🎮 Gameplay | 👤 antistar | ⬇️ 7M downloads

WMX mod applies three mods to every single weapon in FNV, including melee weapons.

3. The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)

Mod Configuration menu for New Vegas

🖥️ User Interface | 👤 Pelinor | ⬇️ 7M downloads

Take your mod management into the game itself. When you hit the pause button, a user-friendly menu pops up and allows you to configure your mods without exiting the game.

4. New Vegas Anti Crash (NVAC)

NVAC logo

🪲 Bug Fixes | 👤 Queued | ⬇️ 6M downloads

Squash a bunch of the New Vegas bugs with a single mod. Implements structured exception handling and sanity checking to massively cut down on game crashes.

5. Fallout Character Overhaul

Boone redesigned in Fallout New Vegas mod Fallout Character Overhaul on Nexus

💪 Overhaul | 👤 Drumber | ⬇️ 5M downloads

Give Boone (and the rest of the NV crew, but especially Boone) the makeover he deserves with this mod by Drumber. It completely overhauls the characters with new head meshes, high resolution retextures, and everything else they need for a facelift.

It also introduces NPCs of different races, as well as adding different races for you to choose from when building your character.

6. Fallout Mod Manager - FOMM

Fallout Mod Manager pop up in Windows

🛠️ Utilities | 👤 kaburke | ⬇️ 5M downloads

Whether you’re using or making mods, you’ll want this mod in your arsenal. It includes features like fail-safe mod installs, mod info retrieval, mod versioning, and mod reactivation, which make the whole process of modding New Vegas much, much easier.

7. EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements

enhances Fallout New Vegas weapons

🖌️ Textures | 👤 weijesen | ⬇️ 4.5M downloads

This mod enhances animations and effects. If you’re looking for more realistic battle graphics, you’ll love the new crit kill animation scenes, HD blood, fire, and explosion effects, new bullet impacts, energy weapons projectiles and impacts, upgraded weapons textures, and more.

8. Project Nevada

Courier shooting plasma weapon in Project Nevada mod

🎮 Gameplay | 👤 schlangster | ⬇️ 4.2M downloads

Project Nevada is not an overhaul… it’s a set of themed modules. The core mod adds FPS features that are conspicuously missing in New Vegas. Cyberware introduces new tech. Rebalance makes the game more challenging for seasoned players. And Equipment brings in new weapons and armors.

9. FNV 4GB Patcher

FNV 4GB Patcher in console

🛠️ Utilities | 👤 RoyBatterian | ⬇️ 4M downloads

Double the amount of memory Fallout: New Vegas can use to make the game more stable. The vanilla game only utilizes 2GB of RAM even if you have more. This mod enables the game to use 4GB of RAM, enhancing performance. As an added perk, it will also automatically load NVSE if downloaded.

10. UIO - User Interface Organizer

Ui Organizer Fallout New Vegas mod

🖥️ User Interface | 👤 jazzisparis | ⬇️ 4M downloads

When you’re dealing with a game that’s as… let’s say antique as New Vegas, the risk of accidentally “breaking” the game with mods is a real concern. That’s where UIO comes in. It keeps an eye on all of your UI/HUD mods and extensions so that you don’t have to – and that includes detecting, resolving, and preventing UI issues before they interfere with your quest for revenge.

11. A World of Pain

Fighting a Deathclaw alpha in the A World of Pain Nexus Mod for New Vegas

📍Lands + Locations | 👤 djmystro | ⬇️ 3M downloads

Game getting too easy? Add some more intense locations to Fallout: New Vegas with A World of Pain. Includes 170 new locations, plus NPCs dialogs, quests, vendors, and some of the toughest enemies you’ll ever encounter for even harder-core gameplay.

12. Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul

Realistic desert plants and grass in front of the Prospector Saloon

🖌️ Textures | 👤 vurt | ⬇️ 3M downloads

Make the landscape look a little nicer… or as nice as a desert wasteland can be. This overhaul adds 100+ types of new desert trees and plants, and it makes the grass look more grassish.

13. Fellout NV

Normal New Vegas color palette tinted orange beside corrected Fellout NV colors

🎮 Gameplay | 👤 Hattix | ⬇️ 3M downloads

Think the Mojave Desert looks just a little too cozy and inviting? It’s because of the orange. Fellout NV has been making the environment harsher and more unforgiving since 2008. This mod removes orange from the color palette and also overhauls the weather to make it more realistic.

No wonder people like it – it’s even considered one of the Best Fallout New Vegas Mods.

14. FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting

FNV recolored with realistic desert colors - looking up at Doc's house

💪 Overhaul | 👤 sal203 | ⬇️ 2M downloads

Make your trek through the desert a little more realistic. This mod completely overhauls the visuals to give the weather, moon, lighting, clouds, stars, and more a more realistic feel. And when I say realistic, I mean the modder used real desert photos and tested extensively to get it right.

15. NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix

New Vegas Tick Fix (NVTF) logo

👾 Miscellaneous | 👤 carxt | ⬇️ 2M downloads

Tick count is a New Vegas bug that creates a noticeable micro stutter. It gets worse with better equipment, and considering our phones today are stronger than 2010s PCs, it’s a pretty big issue for today’s players even before they start throwing mods into the mix.

Combined with Hashtable Optimization that makes the game more efficient and a High FPS Fix that lets you play at 60+ fps without making physics and lipsync janky, NVTF makes a big difference in gameplay.

16. New Vegas - Enhanced Camera

Player looking down at their body thanks to the New Vegas enhanced camera

🎮 Gameplay | 👤 LogicDragon | ⬇️ 2M downloads

If you want to really put yourself into the action, this one's for you. This mod makes the player body visible when in first person, and puts any forced 3rd person scenes (sitting/knockout/death/etc) in first person, too.

17. Willow – A Better Companion Experience

New companion Willow, blonde haired, blue eyed woman wearing a cowboy hat wearing a Sanrio necklace

🙂 Companions | 👤 llamaRCA | ⬇️ 2M downloads

Wandering the Wastes can get lonely. Even if you have Rex or ED-E along for the ride. Even if you have Boone or Veronica or Lily. Willow does more than carry some of your stuff and back you up in a fight – she forages, has mastered Survival, and has over 1200 lines of original voiced dialogue. Complete her quests and move along, or invite her as a companion. On the road, you can become friends, best friends, or a love interest.

Adult content must be enabled for you to view the original Willow - A Better Companion Experience mod.

18. Unlimited Companions

Player standing in the wasteland with a group of companions, including Ed-E, Rex, Lily, and several humans

🙂 Companions | 👤 olegbl | ⬇️ 1.5M downloads

No need to upgrade your Strength – your companions can carry your stuff. With the Unlimited Companions mod, you can bring along as many friends as you want. Not only does it expand your inventory, it also comes in handy during a fight.

19. ShowOff xNVSE Plugin

Screen shot of a discord message reading I'm sorry I showed off, then on the next line no I'm not

🛠️ Utilities | 👤 Demorome | ⬇️ 1M downloads

Some more gameplay fixes – new functions mainly involving rest and fatigue, as well as some engine-level tweaks. While you can download the mod on Nexus, you can find a full list of features and updates on Github.

20. FNV Mod Limit Fix

Mod Limit Bug Fix logo

🪲 Bug Fixes | 👤 iranmrf | ⬇️ 1M downloads

If you wanna download alllllllll of the mods on this list (and more, do you), you’ll need this lil mod that allows you to add more mods. With the vanilla game, things start getting iffy by about 100. This mod more than doubles your modding capabilities, bringing you to a max of 255 plugins.

21. kNVSE Animation Plugin

kNVSE logo featuring a Fallout cartoon man holding weapons with extra arms

👾 Miscellaneous | 👤 korri123 | ⬇️ 1M downloads

Required for mods that include custom weapons and walking animations, this is another plugin that is likely to be required by other mods.

22. New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE XNVSE)

xNVSE logo -- a gas mask face over a red wastland background in New Vegas

🛠️ Utilities | 👤 korri123 | ⬇️ 900k downloads

This is a tool for modders that expands the game’s scripting capabilities. However even if you don’t plan on creating mods of your own, many of the other mods on this list are powered by it (and require it to run). So best just download it now.

23. Fallout - New California

Fallout New California home screen

🗺️  Quests + Adventures  | 👤 Thaiauxn | ⬇️ 900k downloads

If you’re not ready for New Vegas to be over when you hit the Hoover Dam, you’ll want this expansion. With new locations and hours of voiced dialogue, this unofficial prequel can be launched right from your menu.

24 Just Assorted Mods (JAM)

Just Assorted mods menu with options like Enable Dynamic Crosshair and Enable Loot Menu

🎮 Gameplay | 👤 Yvileapsis | ⬇️ 750k downloads

This is a collection of Yvileapsis’s essential mods, including:

  • Just Dynamic Crosshair
  • Just Hit Marker
  • Just Hit Indicator
  • Just Vanilla Sprint
  • Just Loot Menu

And more.

25. FOV Slider

World FIeld of View slider on the pip boy set to 90.000

🖥️ User Interface | 👤 RoyBatterian | ⬇️ 700k downloads

Adjust your Field Of View right from your Pip Boy

26. Mojave Raiders

Mojave raider attacking the player in first person POV

🧍NPC | 👤 PushTheWinButton | ⬇️ 500k downloads

Fight more raiders. This mod overhauls the current faction to balance their loot and boost their numbers.

27. Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged (EVEM)

Asking for a follower donation of 10, 50, or 100 caps

🎮 Gameplay | 👤 PushTheWinButton | ⬇️ 250k downloads

This collection of vanilla-friendly game enhancements includes enhancements that have been fully merged, updated, and cleaned for easy upgrading.

28. The ENB of the Apocalypse - New Vegas

Dramatic lighting in the ENB of the Apocalypse for FNV

💿 ENB Presets | 👤 Shrutesh | ⬇️ 200k downloads

According to the mod listing, this port of Fallout 3’s ENB of the Apocalypse is:

… a bleak and contrasty ENB preset; a representation of the ravaged world our Fallout characters inhabit. A world of chaos and suffering, of greed and pettiness, of destruction and of death.And yet there is beauty to be found in the harsh landscape; Solace, in the most unlikely of places; Hope, when there should be none.This world is a constant reminder of what was; and yet also one of what can be.For amidst the ruins and the abandoned wastes, among the abominations and the death; humanity still survives, struggles, and persists. This is still our world.

We’ll just leave it at that.

29. Baby Deathclaw Commander for New Vegas

Deathclaw eggs ready to take and grow into a companion using the Baby Deathclaw Commander mod for Fallout: New Vegas

🙂 Companions | 👤 FO3Phalanx | ⬇️ 150k downloads

Grow your own Deathclaw! How’s that for a companion?

30. Follower Home Marker

Using the Follower Home Marker to assign a new home base to Lily, a blue Nightkin wearing a burlap shirt with a small white and yellow flower and a brown sunhatp

🙂 Companions | 👤 pintocat | ⬇️ 100k downloads

Instead of crowding your followers into the Lucky 38, you can set a home marker wherever you want them to return to.

31. Unlimited Followers Everywhere

Player with Raul and Cass in a DLC part of the map

🙂 Companions | 👤 Looca | ⬇️ 100k downloads

Take your unlimited companions beyond the bounds of the vanilla game. With this mod, followers will be able to follow you into DLC areas, too.

32. World Randomizer for NV

Opening a large metal door to Doc Mitchell's House

🎮 Gameplay | 👤 HonestSignal | ⬇️ 11k downloads

Randomizers often shuffle items, but this World Randomizer shuffles doorways. Any door can take you anywhere for a totally unique map.

33. More Classic Fallout Outfits

Composite of several Fallout courriers wearing classic clothing from Fallout 1 and Fallout 2

🪖 Armor | 👤 WebbProductionsEntertain | ⬇️ 3k downloads

Missing your favorite outfit from Fallout 1 or Fallout 2? This mod introduces 10 new outfits/pieces of clothing from the earlier games.

34. Captain America Outfits and Working Shield

Composite image of Captain America played by Chris Evans on the right in a blue and silver uniform and the FNV courrier wearing the same outfit on the left

🪖 Armor  | 👤 FafnirEtherion | ⬇️ 1.5k downloads

There are many armor mods adding all sorts of things to your closet, from ED-E’s helmet to Doc’s Duster to Moon Knight to a Skull Suit. Turn your Courier into Cap with this mod that contains a variety of uniforms and two working shields inspired by Marvel’s Captain America films, including:

  • SHIELD Operator Armor
  • Winter Soldier Armor
  • First Avenger Armor
  • Ultimate Marvel WWI Uniform
  • Rescue Mission Uniform
  • Bucky Uniform

And more.

That’s it for our favorite Fallout: New Vegas Mods for Steam.

We hope you found some mods that work for you on this list. Want to see your favorite FNV mod covered in a future article? Drop us a line and let us know.

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