52 Stardew Valley Mods on Steam for Beginners + Modding Experts 🐓

Our Top Picks for Cosmetic Upgrades, Changing Mechanics, Adding Features, and Making it All Run Smoothly

ESG Quick Review:

Stardew Valley is an addictive game – the carefree indie cozy game practically has a cult following. With beginner-friendly gameplay, memorable storylines, and characters you really come to love (or hate), it’s no wonder there are so many mods out there to tweak the game.

Not to mention Stardew creator ConcernedApe goes out of his way to make the game moddable.

From simple sprite changes and background recolors to completely new content, there are tons of mods to choose from — but which ones are the best? We’re going over all of the must-have and top-rated Stardew mods, including:

  • Organizational mods you should install first thing
  • Aesthetic Stardew Valley mods to match any vibe
  • Content mods that expand the gameplay and mechanics

Side Note: How to Install Stardew Valley Mods on Steam

There are several ways to mod Stardew Valley on Steam, Steam deck, and Android phones. Unfortunately the Nintendo Switch and non-PC mobile devices are more locked down, so you won’t be able to mod them.

If you’ve never modded a Steam game before, be sure to check out the modding guide on Steam and the more specific Stardew Valley Wiki modding page.

My favorite way to handle Stardew Valley mods is with Vortex, a convenient mod-manager by Nexus that makes it easy to take advantage of all of the open-source mods on Nexus. It works with multiple games, allows you to create different mod profiles (perfect for players who want a variety of farm aesthetics), and makes management as easy as it can be. You’ll just open your Stardew Valley game within Vortex to use your mods.

Download These First: 4 Essential Stardew Mods for Steam

When you go to download mods from Nexus, you’ll notice that most of them require some foundational mods in order to work. These are a few of the most common ones you’ll see other mods depending on, so it’s a good idea to download them before downloading anything else.

Stardew Modding API (SMAPI)

🛠️ Modding Tools | 👤 Pathoschild | ⬇️ 10M downloads

This is the mod loader for Stardew Valley. It makes all of the other mods work. If you have any trouble getting it to work, SMAPI has a super active and helpful Discord. No wonder it has 10 million downloads.

Content Patcher

🛠️ Modding Tools | 👤 Pathoschild | ⬇️ 4M downloads

Got a mod that changes the game's data, images, or map? Then you need Content Patcher. It allows mods to make dynamic changes based on in-game details like location, weather, date, festivals, spouse, relationships, Joja membership, and more.

Generic Mod Config Menu

🖥️ User Interface | 👤 spacechase0 | ⬇️ 4M downloads

If you’re planning to get a lot of mods – or even just a couple of mods – the configuration menu is a lifesafer. Instead of typing commands into the console, you’ll just have a settings button on the title screen where you can turn mods on or off and make any changes to how they’re set up.

Fashion Sense

🛠️ Modding Tools | 👤 PeacefulEnd | ⬇️ 1M downloads

This is a framework for all sorts of fashion mods. It allows for bigger hats and clothing items as well as new hairstyles, sleeves, and more.

Alternative Textures

🛠️ Modding Tools | 👤 PeacefulEnd | ⬇️ 700k downloads

If you want to recolor or retexture anything in Stardew Valley -- whether it's pets or buildings or the farmer themself -- you need this handy dandy framework.

Best Stardew Valley Mods for 2024

These are some of the top-rated, most-downloaded, and all around coolest mods out there – category, creator, and download count as of this writing included.

1. Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE)

one of the most popular Stardew Valley Mods on Steam -- Stardew Expanded showing a dialog with a new character

🗺️ Expansions  | 👤 FlashShifter | ⬇️ 9M downloads

You can tell a lot about the quality of a game by how dedicated its fanbase is and why they’re so engrossed. This massive fan-made expansion for ConcernedApe’s original Stardew Valley content just shows how much people care about the game.

It’s a must-download mod for anyone who loves the game. It adds 27 new NPCs, 50 locations, 260 character events, and 27 fish – not to mention reimagined vanilla areas and world map, new music, quest lines, objects, crops, festivals, and (astoundingly) more!

2. NPC Map Locations

map showing NPC locks to a Stardew Valley Mod

🖥️ User Interface | 👤 Bouhm | ⬇️ 7M downloads

Wondering if Marnie’s actually at her shop for once? Or maybe you’re trying to track down Elliott to give him some crab cakes? NPC Map Locations puts all of the NPCS on the maps so you know exactly where to find them.

3. CJB Cheats Menu ( + Pretty Much Everything Else)

scrolling CJB cheats menu

🤫 Cheats | 👤 CJBok, Pathoschild | ⬇️ 6M downloads

Once you’ve played through Stardew Valley once, you deserve to take a few shortcuts, right? So with SJB Cheats Menu, easily select exactly what you want your game to look like – what levels your skills are, how many hearts you’ve earned with villagers, even how quickly you walk.

But pretty much every CJB mod is pure gold. You’ll also wanna check out CJB Item Spawner to get the full impact of SJB’s mods.

4. Lookup Anything

strawberry inrmation page showing harvest, crop info, whoo loves and likes it, recipes, and more

🖥️ User Interface | 👤 Pathoschild | ⬇️ 4M downloads

There is a LOT of information to remember in Stardew Valley. This mod makes it easy. If you press F1, you’ll get an info box about whatever is under you cursor. Simple, but super helpful.

5. Stardew Valley Anime Mods

anime style Emily dialogue box portrait

👫 Characters | 👤 ohodavi | ⬇️ 4M downloads

If you’re sick of the basic villager portraits, this one's for you. Swap the original art style for sleek anime portraits instead.

6. Automate

automated refined quartz production showing tow machines and a chest

🎮 Gameplay Mechanics | 👤 Pathoschild | ⬇️ 3M downloads

Refine ore, put bait in crab traps, recycle trash, make wine… there’s no end to what this handy mod can do. It saves a lot of time when you multiply it over all of the things you catch, refine, grow, and produce in this game!

7. Tractor Mod

Stardew Valley farmer harvesting crops with a tractor

🎮 Gameplay Mechanics | 👤 Pathoschild | ⬇️ 3M downloads

Say goodbye to harvesting crops by hand. Buy this tractor from Pierre, and away you go.

8. Skull Cavern Elevator

Skull Cavern Elevator mod for easy escape from flying dragon creatures

🎮 Gameplay Mechanics | 👤 Bifibi | ⬇️ 2.5M downloads

Ah, Skull Cavern. Perhaps the most dreaded and feared part of the game. With this mod,  you don’t have to craft a million staircases or swap the Desert Trader all your jade. Just take the elevator like you would in the mines. It will save you SO much time. And also save your keyboard from when you rage quit over dying on level 98 again.

9. Gift Taste Helper

Cursor hovering over SV's Abigail showing her favorite gifts -- amethyst, puffer fish, and chocolate cake among others

🖥️ User Interface | 👤 tstaples | ⬇️ 2M downloads

With 45 villagers to woo or befriend, it can be tough to keep track of who likes what, particularly when you start out. But honestly, even after you’ve been playing a while, there’s just not enough room in one brain for pink cake recipes, crafting requirements, and everybody’s top six gifts. That’s where this mod comes in. Just hover over a villager’s icon in the friendship tab, and you’ll get a handy pop up of what’s on their wishlist.

10. Chests Anywhere

accessing all chest contents by category with the Steam mod chests anywhere for stardew valley

🖥️ User Interface | 👤 Pathoschild | ⬇️ 1.5M downloads

Access your chests whenever you need them! No more running all around to find where you stored your things. Grab what you need anywhere – from the bottom of Skull Cavern to the comfort of your kitchen.

11. Elle’s Seasonal Buildings

Elle's seasonal buildings with natural wood colors and glass

🏠 Buildings | 👤 junimods | ⬇️ 900k downloads

If you like Elle’s Seasonal Buildings, be sure to check out her other mods. She’s redesigned everything from the town animals to the horses to the dogs and cats. So if you want an upgraded stable or a cat that looks just like the one sitting next to you while you boot up Steam, definitely check out junimods’s page.

12. Free Love

Stardew Valley farmer under the covers with NPCs Leah and Emily

👫 Characters | 👤 aedonthorn | ⬇️ 750k downloads

You no longer have to break Penny’s heart in order to see what Haley’s heart events are. If you can’t choose between Elliott and Harvey, you don’t have to. With Free Love, you can marry as many bachelors and bachelorettes as you choose.

PS – Multiple Spouses used to be the mod for this, but it has been abandoned! So be sure to use Free Love instead.

13. Medieval Buildings

Medieval Building mod screenshot

🏠 Buildings | 👤 Gewniaczek | ⬇️ 750k downloads

Update your village buildings with some medieval flair. This cosmetic upgrade is available for vanilla, but the modder also released a version that’s compatible with Stardew Expanded called Medieval SV Expanded.

14. Visible Fish

tropical fish visible in ocean water in Stardew Valley

🎨 Visuals & Graphics | 👤 shekurika | ⬇️ 700k downloads

Catch just the fish you were searching for. This mod simply takes the fish swimming about in the bodies of water – both vanilla and modded – and makes the visible so you whether or not it’s worth casting out a line.

15. Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic for SVE

reimagined outfits for SVE characters

👫 Characters | 👤 Poltergeister | ⬇️ 700k downloads

Make sure the new characters in Stardew Valley Expanded are dressed for the weather. This mod comes with seasonal outfits for each character, along with some bonus designs like festival outfits and gym clothes.

16. East Scarp

new SDV NPCs in East Scarp expansion mod

🗺️ Expansions | 👤 lemurkat | ⬇️ 600k downloads

Welcome to East Scarp – a totally new section of Stardew Valley. You’ll find new locations, new NPCs, shops, secrets, and of course, mods. Like Fieval comes to East Scarp and Always Raining in the Valley - Custom NPCs for East Scarp.

17. DeepWoods

Farmer near iridium tree in expanded Cindersap Forest with DeepWoods mod

📍Locations | 👤 MaxMakesMods | ⬇️ 500k downloads

Cindersap Forest is pretty magical to begin with, but this mod, the adventure never has to end. It generates infinite areas within the forest, unique challenges, and more for players to explore.

18. Romanceable Rosmodius - SVE Compatible

Farmer facing Linus and Rosmodius in 4 heart event for the romanceable Rosmodius mod

👫 Characters  | 👤 PaintedParrot | ⬇️ 350k downloads

Firmly in the camp that those magical blue messages are actually love letters? Now you can share your feelings that must not be repressed and tell the wizard how ardently you do care for him. Includes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 14 heart events… and now awkward rejection in the rain.

19. Custom Spouse Rooms

Neatly aligned and redecorated Knobs and Emily rooms in Custom Spouse rooms used with Free Love mod

🧱 Maps | 👤 aedenthorn | ⬇️ 350k downloads

You no longer have to settle for your spouse’s room clashing with your decor. Give the whole house a design overhaul with Custom Spouse Rooms. It even works with Free Love so you can customize all of your spouses roomseses.

20. Date Night

the farmer camping with Sebastian on a date night event

🗓️ Events | 👤 LiveOnSUPERT | ⬇️ 300k downloads

Feel like the spark has died out since marrying your spouse? You don’t have to start over with another villager. The Date Night mod introduces general and character-specific events like camping with your spouse or simply going to the grocery store together.

21. Better Artisan Good Icons

reimagined artisan good icons for Stardew Valley

👾 Miscellaneous | 👤 paradigmnomad | ⬇️ 300k downloads

Artisan goods are worth so much more than ordinary ones. And they take so much longer to make. So why are their icons so bland? With this little mod, the artisan good icons get elevated to artisan good status.

22. Overgrown Flowery Interface

Stardew Valley load screen in pastel colors with vines and petals

🖥️ User Interface | 👤 36maraluna | ⬇️ 275k downloads

Make the game’s UI a little more dreamy and romantic. Introduces curling vines and dreamy petals to make your game look like the fantastical escape that it is.

23. Train Station

farmer buying ticket to functional train at the station thanks to the Train Station Stardew Valley mods

🎮 Gameplay Mechanics | 👤 CherryChain | ⬇️ 250k downloads

The train station can be so much more than a place you rush to in order to collect lumps of coal. This mod restores the station to its glory – allowing you to travel to other stations created by other modders in the network.

24. Elegant Victorian Interior

interior of farmer's house with classy Victorian furniture and wallpaper

🛋️ Furniture | 👤 Campanulamis | ⬇️ 250k downloads

Transform the interior of the farmhouse too. This mod includes classy furniture, walls, and floors so your decor can match the vibes of the rest of the village if you choose to go that direction.

25. NPC Adventures (It’s Time to Adventure)

going on an adventure with NPC Abigail using NPC Adventures mod

🎮 Gameplay Mechanics | 👤 purrplingcat | ⬇️ 200k downloads

Wish you could bring the good people of Pelican Town along on your adventures? Now you can. Journey into the mines, forage for materials, or just go for a stroll with any of the original bachelors or bachelorettes.

26. Twelfth Night - ‘Gameboy Pocket’ Recolor

Stardew Valley Easter celebration recolored in gray an  green mimicking an old gameboy display

🎨 Visuals & Graphics | 👤 yunage | ⬇️ 200k downloads

Feeling nostalgic? This classic recolor makes Stardew Valley look like it’s on your old Gameboy. Yes, the really old one. Your character may get lost in the texture of the background sometimes, but that’s not a high price to pay for nostalgic fun.

27. Adventurer’s Guild Expanded

encountering slimes in the mines with Adventurer's Guild expanded

🗺️ Expansions | 👤 LiveOnSUPERT | ⬇️ 200k downloads

Can’t get enough of the Adventurer’s Guild? Expand it. This mod comes with new quests, new story events, new romanceable NPCs, and even a friendly monster who can come live on your farm!

28. Sailor Style

farmer near greenhouse with Sailor Moon's Usage hairstyle and clothing

👗 Clothing | 👤 bblueberry| ⬇️ 175k downloads

The Sailor Scouts are now a part of Pelican Town. Wear hair, hats, and kimonos based on the characters of Sailor Moon.

29. Seasonal Japanese Buildings

Stardew Valley seasonal Japanese buildings in fall and two lucky cat statues waving

🏠 Buildings | 👤 sonreirblah | ⬇️ 150k downloads

Give your valley a cozy facelift. This mod retextures the buildings in your town into Japanese buildings. They change with each season, and the mod even includes some animated statues and craftables.

30. Artisanal Soda Makers

artisanal soda makers

🧵 Crafting | 👤 hadiwrites42 | ⬇️ 150k downloads

Upgrade your sodas to the artisanal level of your cheeses, jams, and wines. Stick it to the man with snooty soda makers that Joja can’t compete with. Pump fresh water, carbonate your drinks, and create fancy syrups to create the banana sodas, cream sodas, and fancy colas of your hipster dreams.

31. Horse Whistle

SDV Farmer dressed as Link calling for his horse

🐴 Pets / Horses | 👤 icepuente | ⬇️ 150k downloads

Call your horse any place, any time. Whether you need a quick ride home from town or you can’t go to bed until your horse is safely returned to his stable, this mod is for you. You can even customize the sound to match the flute from Breath of the Wild with BOTW Horse Whistle.

32. Downtown Zuzu

downtown zuzu buildings

🗺️ Expansions | 👤 XxHarvzBackxX | ⬇️ 150k downloads

Wanna see the city Sebastian dreams of escaping to? Or uncover the bakery that makes Haley’s pink cakes? This one requires a long list of other mods, but it unlocks a variety of new buildings, NPCs, and stories for you to explore!

33. True Love Valley

more romantic dialogue with Leah

💬 Dialogue | 👤 linenpants | ⬇️ 150k downloads

Hey there hopeless romantics, this one is for you. With support for several vanilla bachelors and bachelorettes, you can build romance and affection like never before.

34. Overgrown Fairy Buildings

pink fairy building overgrown with flowers. Mushroom trees on one side, fairy rose garden on the other.

🏠 Buildings | 👤 strawberrymilk95 | ⬇️ 115k downloads

Make your farm a little more magical. This mod gives several buildings a total makeover: the farmer’s house, greenhouse, barn, coop, silo, stable, and slime hutch will look like they’ve been transported right out of a fairytale.

35. The Perks of Being Married

Receiving lucky lunch from husband alex

👫 Characters | 👤 TrentXV | ⬇️ 67k downloads

Spouses do some chores, give you a smooch, make your coffee… but beyond that? Not much in the vanilla game. This mod expands the unique perks associated with each choice of spouse.

36. Blue Grass Recolor

composite map showing recolored grass in each season: pink in spring, blue in summer, peach in fall, and white in winter with corresponding tree colors

🎨 Visuals & Graphics | 👤 collingbe | ⬇️ 60k downloads

Transform the slightly brighter than realistic vanilla Stardew Valley colors with a pretty fantasy palette. It’s like you’re farming in an ice cream wonderland.

37. Crops Anytime Anywhere

Fairy roses growing in  front of the community center fountain in stardew valley during winter

🎮 Gameplay Mechanics | 👤 Pathoschild | ⬇️ 50k downloads

Forget spending all winter inside twiddling your thumbs. This mod allows you to grow crops and fruit trees all year long, which means the cash never runs out.

PS – All Crops All Seasons used to be the mod for this, but it has been abandoned! So be sure to use Crops Anytime Anywhere instead.

38. Immersive Family - A Children’s Events Expansion

Farmer's children interacting with other characters in front of Pierre's

🗓️ Events | 👤 xiaoleiwen | ⬇️ 30k downloads

Ever feel like your family’s life is boring? Let the kids enjoy Stardew Valley too with this expansion. It adds 35 events and over 300 NPC dialogues centered around your kids’ adventures, including crossover content for SVE, RSV, ES, and more.

39. Pokemon Retextures

Horse and at retextured to look like Pokemon on the Stardew Valley farm

🐮 Livestock + Animals | 👤 irowirow | ⬇️ 27k downloads

Turn Stardew Valley into Pokemon. That includes farm critters, Krobus, and more.

40. Iridium Recolors with Coordinated Crafting Bars

Iridium recolor options

🪣 Items | 👤 6480 | ⬇️ 16k downloads

Change the color of iridium everything in your game. Whether you want to make a natural green or fiery red, this mod allows you to change the color of iridium ore, bars, tools, animal tools, and more.

41. Easier Fishing

SDV Fishing bar with larger green bar

🎣 Fishing | 👤 AWOLPenguin21903 | ⬇️ 10k downloads

The fact that Fishing has its own category on Nexus Mods tells you all you need to know about how frustrating it is. This mod lowers the arbitrary difficulty levels of all fish, including the legendary fish.

42. Yri’s Retro Recolor

snapshot of the Mayor's house and river in cheerful retro colors resembling Pokemon or Legend of Zelda on the NES and SNES consoles

🎨 Visuals & Graphics | 👤 YriKururu | ⬇️ 10k downloads

Make the pixel game a little more, well… pixel game. This recolor allows you to choose from a variety of grass, water, tree, and other textures inspired by games like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and more. Honestly, even if you haven’t finished a runthrough, this one is just fun!

43. Babies Take After Spouse Plus New Toddler Hair and Clothes

two children resembling Sebastian, two children resembling Leah

👫 Characters | 👤 Brimbane | ⬇️ ??

Forget random kids that look nothing like the bachelor or bachelorette you spent so much energy wooing. This mod makes your kids actually look like your spouse’s mini me. The original creator lakoria abandoned the mod in late 2022 when it had 7k downloads, but another modder picked up where they left off.

The official version no longer works, but if you navigate over to Posts and check out the second sticky post from the top by Brimsbane, you’ll find an updated version of the mod that does work (click initiates download).

44. Hat Mouse and Friends

friend of hat mouse manning the store which has been nicely repaired using the Hat Mouse and Friends mod on Steam

🎨 Visuals & Graphics | 👤 Doraguon | ⬇️ 4k downloads

Poor hat mouse. All alone all day long in his broken down hat shop, off in a corner where he doesn’t get much foot traffic. Well thanks to Doraguon, nobody puts Hat Mouse in a corner. This mod gives Hat Mouse some friends. And alternates who’s manning the shop window so Hat Mouse can take a much deserved break.

45. HXW Gothic Recolor for Romantic Furniture for AT

Gothic recolor of the fountain and game by the Community Center

🎨 Visuals & Graphics | 👤 HimeTarts, WildflourMods | ⬇️ 3k downloads

It was never a phase! Pair this mod with (DGA) Romantic Furniture Pack and (SF) HXW Romantic Fountains and Arches by the same modders and Yri’s Retro Recolor for ultimate control of your gothic build. Just buy the furniture at Robin’s, in the catalog, or via console and use your AT paint brush to make it goth.

46. Golden Scythe Recolor (Prismatic)

prismatic scythe with rainbow blade in inventory

🎨 Visuals & Graphics | 👤 BluPenDragon | ⬇️ 3k downloads

Wish your tools all freakin’ matched? Now they can. With the Prismatic Tools Mod already installed, this second mod expands the prismatic fun to your scythe, milk pail, sheers, and copper pan.

47. Kittentyme’s Gloomy Recolor

farmer standing by Marnie's cows in a game that has been recolored with the bluish and dark Gloomy Recolor mod for Stardew Valley on Steam

🎨 Visuals & Graphics | 👤 KittenTyme | ⬇️ 1k downloads

Dear Diary, Mood: Apathetic. This desaturated, blue tinted recolor is perfect for those who appreciate the emo things in life. It also works great for spooky themed builds or even Victorian ones.

Stardew Valley Build Recommendations

One of the fun things about these Stardew Valley mods is that you can use them to recreate your favorite worlds and games, whether you’re a classic Nintendo games stan or a diehard Pride and Prejudice fan.

Here are a few recommendations for some popular Stardew Valley mods – pick what works for you and skip what doesn’t, but this should be a good starting point.

Pokemon Stardew Valley

  • Yri’s Recolor
  • Koraidon (Pokemon) - Horse Replacer
  • Stardew RPG
  • Magic Junimo Pet
  • (SVE) Pokefy - A Pokemon Mod for SVE
  • Pokemon Retextures
  • Pokemon Alolan Vulpix as Cat
  • Pokemon Fish
  • Stardew Valley Pokemon Gym
  • Pokemon Hat Mouse
  • (DGA) Pokemon Furniture
  • Pokemania
  • Pokemon Reskins for Tractor Mod

Cottagecore Stardew Valley

  • Pine and Sprice Goods
  • CP Firefly Torch
  • Shantan waterfall Farm
  • Chelen’s mushroom junimo hut
  • Gwen’s Paths
  • Gwen’s Lamps for CP and JA
  • Gwen’s Craftables for Alternative Textures
  • Lune’s Cottage Cycles
  • Cottage Dream Farm
  • Cottage Core Walls and Floors
  • (CP) Eden’s Cottage Core Chrysanthemums
  • Thunder and Frog Sounds
  • BFAV Frog Friends
  • Secret Garden Frog Terrarium
  • Animated Frog Pots
  • Mushroom and Frog Bedroom Set
  • Mushroom Mailboxes
  • Mushroom Paths
  • Mycol the Mushroom Friendo

Gothic Valley // Spooky Stadew

  • Ghostly Junimos
  • Lune’s Offerings
  • Idalda’s Seasonal Gothic Buildings
  • Modern Gothic Interior
  • Seasonal Witchy Gothic Inspired Windows
  • Gothic Garage and Tractor
  • (DGA) HXW Romantic Furniture
  • HXW Gothic Recolor for Romantic Furniture for AT
  • (SF) HXW Romantic Fountains and Arches
  • HXW Gothic Recolor for Romantic Fountains and Arches
  • Gothic-Spooky Bathroom Recolor
  • Neo-Gothic Vampire Sebastian Room
  • Gothic Penny
  • Give Krobus a Pumpkin
  • Magic Apothecary Krobus - English Translation
  • Kittentyme’s Gloomy Recolor

Sailor Moon Stardew Valley

  • Yomi’s Cute Tools
  • Sailor Moon Cat
  • Sailormoon Wands
  • MissCorriel’s Sailor Moon Weapons
  • Medieval Unicorn by Nighty_Expansion - No Saddle
  • Starry Sky Interface Reworked (Cute Pastel Magical Girl Palette)
  • Deluxe Journal for Starry Night and Starry Sky
  • Bright and Fun Artifacts and Dig Spots for Alternative Textures
  • Blue Grass Recolor
  • Squishychub Junimo
  • Magical Anime Collection
  • Sweet Lolita
  • BFAV Sailor Scout Snakes Edition

Mass-verse // Prythian Build

  • Medieval Unicorn by Nighty_Expansion - No Saddle
  • The Night City Big Expansion Mod (English Coming Soon)
  • Stardew Valley Night Mode
  • Gwen’s Medieval Craftables
  • Gwen’s Stable and Tractor Garage
  • Gwen’s Lamps for CP and JA
  • Starry Blue UI (Content Patcher)
  • Fae’s Elf Ears
  • Fae Wing Set (Fashion Sense)
  • Wildflour’s Faerie Garden Farm Cave
  • Faeries Glade
  • Night Owl Repacked
  • Star Fragments
  • Star Furnace
  • Elven Krobus (although regular Krobus is v Bryaxis coded)
  • Mythicphoenix’s elven farmer
  • Fairy Mushroom Trees
  • SDV Fairydew Valley
  • Fairy Weaponry
  • Lune’s Offerings


  • Laputa Castle in the Sky Crystal Amulet (Ghibli) (CP)
  • Junimos to Totoros
  • Secret Woods Totoro (Ghibli) (CP)
  • Ghibli Critters
  • Ghibli Scarecrow Replacement
  • Jiji cat recolor (Ghibli) (CP)
  • Ghibli Valley Portrait Mod
  • (AT) Haryao Miyazaki style furniture
  • Miyazaki inspired inventory background
  • Pet totoro
  • Totoro replaces trash bear
  • Faerie Garden Secret Forage Locations
  • Magical Witchy Kitchen and Furniture Pack

That’s it for our guide to Stardew Valley Mods.

We hope you found a new favorite on this list. Want to see your favorite mod or build covered in a future article? Drop us a line and let us know.

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